About The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats game is all about cats fighting against the other creatures on Earth. Released globally in 17th Sep 2014, this video game has won the hearts of many players. Our fansite is committed to providing all the information they need to play the game.


Cats in The Battle Cats

These weirdly cute cats are all white in color and they come in all shapes and sizes. They are not your typical house cats. They are strong warriors who are here to protect their bases. Upgrade the cats from the 5 categories such as Normal, Special, Rare, Super Rare and Uber. Upgrading a cat is expensive as they required a lot of in-game resources to level up. Read more to find out more about the cheats and hacks to get more Cat food, the in-game currency for The Battle Cats. Fighting in the game requires energy and it keeps regenerating while playing. Once the bases are destroyed, the battle ends.


Players will be given the chance to unlock treasures when they complete the story modes. Battle completion creates chances of winning the superior treasure. There are various enemies in the game with different stats and types. Each enemy has different strengths and weaknesses. To fight the enemies, you will need to use different types of cats to fight the enemies. Each cat has a different level of power, hence you will need to strategize and decide which cats to activate in each battle. Check out the strengths of the various cats here!


About the Story Mode

At the moment, there are 3 different story modes in The Battle Cats. These game modes are “Empire of Cats”, “Into the Future” and “Cats of the Cosmos”. Follow through the story of the game and unravel the secrets of these amazing cats. Download the game and play now! Zombies randomly appear in between chapters. Be sure to defeat all these zombies and additional cat food as rewards. However, some of these stronger zombies will still respawn for a few times until they are completely eliminated. Use a cat with the “zombie killer effect” to completely kill the zombie so that it doesn’t respawn.


So, be sure to follow our site and keep a lookout for our regular updates! Get The Battle Cats on PC / Mac today!