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With the global love of these weirdly cute white cats, the game developer, PONOS, has decided to release merchandises for the game. Fancy cuddling a Cat plush to sleep!


The Battle Cats Plush

The Battle Cats Plush Toys


In the first phase of the plush collection, PONOS released the Tank cat, Ninja cat, and the classic Normal cat. With each of them having a size of H230×W200×D160mm, it’s of the right size for both adults and children to cuddle around! The plush is so cute that we couldn’t help but kept staring at it!


PONOS also released other merchandises to cater to the mass audience. Accessories such as figurine set and phone cases also cater to the players who want to show their love for The Battle Cats! You can purchase all of these merchandises from the official store in Japan or online via eBay and Amazon.


The Battle Cats T-shirt

What better way to show your love for the cats in the game than to wear them on a t-shirt? Redbubble has come up a series of adorable t-shirts inspired by The Battle Cats game! So be sure to check them out here!


The Battle Cats Toys Plush Tshirt

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About The Battle Cats Game

The Battle Cats is an action game revolved around the battle of an army of cats fighting against enemies on Earth. Players consistently send a series of cats to a 2D battlefield, where they defend themselves with laser cannon against their earthly enemies. The cats in the game are divided into 5 categories. The categories are namely Normal, Special, Rare, Super Rare and Uber Super Rare. Normal cats are the basic cats in the game which all players will be able to unlock. Special cats are of a higher tier than the Normal cats but are only attainable during events. Unlock cats of Rare status and above using special cat capsules. They are also much more powerful than the Normal cats.


Play The Battle Cats on PC today and know the charms of these cute cats!