The Battle Cats Guide | Best Cats, Battle Cats Rangers

Love The Battle Cats? Learn about the guide to playing The Battle Cats and ace the game! In this guide, learn about the different combinations of cats to use in your game. Defeat the boss and emerge in victory in the fight to protect your base. Understand about the different strengths and weaknesses of each cat. This will definitely help you to strategize and defeat the different types of enemy.


As the game revolves around cats, cats are your best weapon, and of course, your best defender. Here is the guide of the skills and abilities of the common cats that you can expect in the game. Focus on a few star players to level up (unless you have a lot of cat food).


Normal Cats:

Cat / Macho Cat

This cat is kind of the meat shield for the team. Being able to spawn quickly, Cat overwhelms its enemies with its huge pack. It is a most basic cat that you get throughout the game. The cost to deploy it is also the lowest among all the other cats.


Tank / Wall Cat

This cat is important and necessary for players engaging in massive fights. It is the best meat shield for the team due to its large HP capacity. It will be able to absorb most attacks and protect the weaker cats when met head-on.


Gross / Sexy Legs Cat

This is another MUST-HAVE Cat at the beginning of the game. This cat works well with Tank / Wall Cat due to its long attack range with its awkwardly(?) long legs.


Cow / Giraffe Cat

This cat specializes in speed attacks due to its agility. Hence it is able to cut through weak enemies and go straight into their base, taking it down.


Ax / Brave Cat

This resource is useful to pass the first stage, and maybe a bit in the second stage, but eventually this cat will probably be replaced by better ones due to its low health-to-cost ratio.


Fish / Whale Cat

This cat is as useful as the Ax / Brave cat. However, it is advisable to use it in stage 2 and 3 due to its high cost and shorter attack range. It only becomes stronger after you have evolved it to its true form.


Lizard / Dragon Cat

It is amazing to use with Tank / Wall Cats with its long range, high damage, and high stamina. However, it only does individual damage and has a longer cooldown time compared to the other cats.


Titan / Mythical Titan Cat

This is the last cat unlocked under the Normal category. This cat can be used to tank long-ranged cats such as Gross or Dragon Cat. Although it has high health and attack power, it has slow movement speed and long recharging time.


In conclusion, most resources are necessary, but you should decide what skills should be leveled first in order to maximize your resources. Play now! Download The Battle Cats today and join in the catfight! Learn more about the game features of the game and get cheats and hacks for the game!


Battle Cat Rangers Guide

Battle Cats Rangers is an extension game released by the same game developer of The Battle Cats. Using the same cats, players are required to attack the enemies that charge at them endlessly. The main difference between Battle Cat Rangers and The Battle Cats will be players do not incur any damage from the enemies. There is also no time limit during the gameplay of Battle Cat Rangers. You will just keep attacking the enemies and level up the cats. Bosses appear periodically throughout the game and there is a time limit of 30 seconds for you to eliminate them. Upgrade the cats and unlock cat combos along the way with Battle Cat Rangers. It’s a great game for players looking for a new twist to the original Battle Cats game.