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What are some of the Games like The Battle Cats?

Variations in themes and strategy are part of development and adaptation. People sometimes want a quick game while others have time. Hence the proliferation of the popular game The Battle Cats or many versions of it is quite common. Some similar games like Battle Bears claim to be predecessors while others like Cartoon Wars 3 may seem to be a sequel or a spin off the original. Metal Slug Defense, Minecraft, Crash Fever are in the same genre and are fun too. Great mobile games like The World of Goo are highly recommended, especially for its fantastic story, gameplay and music.


Games Like The Battle Cats

The game The Battle Cats offers beautiful graphics and is easy to play; others that fall in line are Line Rangers and Lumberwhack. You can filter the adventure strategy games similar to Battle Cats. Patapon by Sony Computer Entertainment is also another game similar to The Battle Cats. The game takes on a different and complex strategy expanding the area to the world at large and seeks to conquer enemy forces and becoming a world power.


Multiplayer video game like The Battle Cats POP is a fantasy based defense game similar to The Battle Cats. Developed by the same developer, this version allows players to enjoy teaming up their army of cats via Nintendo 3DS. Players control Cats to fight against enemies who might try to destroy the land.


You may like to find other games similar to this glorious and fascinating masterpiece some of which are Princess Punt Sweets, Shoumetsu Toshi. Monster Strike, Merc Storia only to name a few others.


Tempted to try these games out? Before you do that, come and experience the fun of cat fighting with The Battle Cats on PC/Mac! Download the game today! Read our detailed game guide and learn some cheats and hacks for the game.