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What is the Battle Cats Heavenly Tower?

The Heavenly Tower is an event included in Update 6.2 from July 2017. It is also called Cat Cloud Tower. Players are able to repeatedly play The Heavenly Tower. Let us look at the different levels of the Heavenly Tower.


Levels in The Heavenly Tower

There are forty floors in the tower. Each floor hearkens back to prior events. Levels one through four are similar to the Empire of Cats. Floor number six is like Sangria River, and level number seven is similar to Zombie Outbreak. Floor number nine is similar to Tapas Desert while floor number ten and up includes enemies found during the monthly events. When you reach floor number fourteen, you will see that it has a metal theme, where there are only Metal enemies on this level.


Floor number fifteen includes aspects from Old Guys About Town, Gabriel’s Angelic Gories and Dober P.D. Floor number sixteen is similar to Broken Mask. Do note that for level 16, players need to complete chapter 2 of “Into the Future” story mode to be able to attempt this floor. Floor number seventeen has an outer space alien theme. Floors number eighteen and nineteen are similar to the Moon’s Zombie Outbreak. Level number twenty includes many bosses from Awakened Cats.


Moving on…

We move on to floor number twenty-one which is similar to a three-star difficulty Red Cyclone Stage. Floor number twenty-two includes both Ninja Awakens and I’m Onto You. Floor number twenty-three is similar to Into the Future chapter three. Out of all the levels in Heavenly Tower, level 23 resembles the actual game the most.


Floor number twenty-four is like Black Premonition plus Dark Lazer and Tackeys. On level twenty-five, players will experience a speed run. Floor number twenty-six is similar to Oncoming Maelstrom. Level 27 is similar to The Haunted 1LDK with Skelecat. Floor number twenty-eight is a modified Electric Bath. Floor number twenty-nine is similar to Pecking Order. Level thirty has one boss with strong peons. By completing this stage, players will obtain this boss in their cat collection.


Floors thirty-one to thirty-three featured crazed cats, whereas floor thirty-four includes Those Guys, Unrun Wolf and Cosmic Cyclone. Floor thirty-five features Trolly Bloggers, Crazed Fish Cats, and Dolphina. Floor thirty-six features Crazed Lizard Cats, Doge Darks, Zackie Pengs and Coffin Zoges. Level number thirty-seven features several bosses. Level thirty-eight features a Metal Cyclone and a Zyclone. Floor number thirty-nine features Elder Sloth and Codename Red Riding.


The final fortieth floor features the new Masked Yulala. Similarly, players will be able to obtain this new cat after defeating it on level 40. The prizes for playing the Heavenly Tower are tickets, catamins, and catfruit.


Try out the Battle Cats today! Download it now and play the Heavenly Tower. Tell us how you fair in the climb to the top of the tower.