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Who is The Battle Cats Bahamut?

About Battle Cats Bahamut

The Battle Cats Bahamut is a cat under the Special category. It can only be unlocked after the completion of the 3rd chapter of the first story mode, Empire of Cats. As Bahamut cat is deemed to be one of the strongest cats, it is advisable to obtain this cat as soon as possible. Bahamut’s long-range forceful attacks will crush everything before him. Evolve him to his True Form after level 20 and watch him become an agile close-range attacker.


With its fast movement speed and attacking rate, the Bahamut cat will be able to take down the opponent easily. This gives him an advantage in group battles when dealing head-on with the enemies. As Battle Cats Bahamut is a strong attacker who can incur a larger damage on its opponent during the game, we would recommend him when playing most levels. Players will be an easier gameplay when unlocking Bahamut cat early as he can take out most of the bosses in just a few hits. However, he has low HP and is very slow in its movement before evolution. This makes him very inefficient in fighting against strong bosses such as Sunfish Jones.


About The Battle Cats

Catch Bahamut and the other cats in the game, The Battle Cats! Watch these weirdly cute cats team up and fight against the enemies. The Battle Cats is an action-packed game that allows you to train and build your own cat army! Unlock all the cats in the game along the way and be the ultimate cat master! You will definitely fall in love with these adorable cats even if you are not a cat lover. Try it out now! Download the game and play! Now available on PC and Mac.