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Who is The Battle Cats Delinquent Cat?

The Battle Cats Delinquent Cat is a Super Rare Cat, which can be unlocked via a Super Rare Cat Capsule. Delinquent Cat has several pros and cons.


Pros and Cons of Delinquent Cat

First, the Battle Cats Delinquent Cat possesses Area Attack damage that is high for its cost. It is also quick when it comes to its attack speed. It also does not succumb to freeze effects. It can hit multiple targets at once and has a good damage per second attack capability. While these pros make the Delinquent Cat a good fighter, there are some cons as well. Firstly, Delinquent Cat is expensive. Additionally, it has a short range of attack compared to other cats.


Delinquent Cat can evolve into the Angry Delinquent Cat at level 10. It can also evolve again at level 30 into the Ultra Delinquent Cat with the use of catfruit. Catfruit is an item you can get from drops, only during certain days of the cycle. Delinquent Cat can also stop floating. This ability allows the Delinquent Cat to bring a lot to the table during a battle since there are so many floating enemies. It is especially effective against Bun Bun variants and Cyclones, as it has the capability of stopping them before they can even attack.


If you can get Delinquent Cat early in the game, it is very beneficial to the player. This is due to its high attack value and other abilities that were previously discussed. Lastly, Delinquent Cat can be useful later in the game as well. This would be when he takes on his true form. Once he has his true form, he can freeze relics. In addition, he will also be immune to Curse effects. These are very valuable skills to have later in the game.


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