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Who is The Battle Cats Flower Cat?

The Battle Cats Flower Cat is an unlockable cat in a game, The Battle Cats. This Special Cat can be obtained using the following trick. Simply slide a doorknob over and over again very quickly until you acquire the Flower Cat. The obscurity of this trick to get the cat has led to many people never finding it. However, the Flower Cat became the talk of the town again and many players are keen to obtain it. It’s every player’s dream to unlock and collect all the new cats in The Battle Cats. Try out this trick as well! Download the Battle Cats and play today!


This trick of obtaining the Flower Cat is rather obscure. Many players have criticized the game for having something so cryptic in their game. There were also no hints towards it whatsoever. Hence, the first person to find the cat would be solely based on luck and chance rather than skill and puzzle solving. Giving a lucky player an advantage was seen as unfair and a mean-spirited act on the developer’s parts. Not all players were mad, though.


Battle Cats Flower Cat = Easter Egg?

Some saw the flower cat as nothing more than an Easter egg. A hidden item or piece of the game that isn’t very important but it adds to the charm as a special secret you can find if you spend enough time on the game. Easter eggs were made popular by companies hiding them in DVD menus many years ago. Typically, an Easter egg refers to any hidden joke or item that is a fun silly thing that most people won’t find. Players disagree about Flower Cat being an Easter egg, though. Some players think it is an important item that is very helpful to the game. Thus, being able to get it right away if you know the secret is not a good way to treat your long-term fans.


All in all, the Flower cat is beloved by some fans, hated by many others. Either way, flower cat and the trick on how to obtain it, remains in the game for now. Play The Battle Cats now!