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Who is The Battle Cats Moneko?

About Battle Cats Moneko

The Battle Cats Moneko is a Special cat that can be unlocked using 2 different methods. The first is by completing the first chapter of the first story mode, Empire of Cats. Players can also obtain this Super Rare cat using Rare Gacha in the Nintendo 3DS version of the game.


Her normal form is Moneko, Later she gets evolved from at the level 10 and turned into Miss MONEKO. Born in Battle Cats Land, Miss Moneko’s main occupation is Idol. She loves to practice singing and has a very bold personality. With a 2-star rarity, Battle Cats Moneko belongs to the wind element. Singing is her Weapon. Using her magic skill, she can perform critical strikes on her opponent. Moneko is also a cheap character to obtain, given the strong HP and ATK stats.


When compare to Tank / Wall cat, she has lower cost and has a tougher defense. However, her movement speed, recharging, and slow attack put her to slight disadvantage in group battles. Moneko belongs to Cat Units No 16 and has the ability to perform a critical hit of up to 15%. Although she is a good character to use for user rank buffing through her good combos, she becomes useless compared to the other cats due to her slower attacks in mid-game and above.


Here are her basic stats:

  • Health: 600 HP
  • Attack Power: 400 damage
  • Attack Range: 160
  • Time between attacks: 4.23 Second
  • Movement speed: 5
  • Knockback: 4 times
  • Attack animation: 0.93 Seconds
  • Recharging time: 58.13s to 66.93s


Her appearance in the normal form looks impressive. Her ears and tail with Violet Beauregarde. In Normal form, Battle Cats Monek0 stands on a beer crate. Did you notice a regular cat hidden inside the beer crate? Evolved form Miss Moneko wears a different blouse with a bow in her hair. In this form stands on a wider beer crate that can fit 2 regular cats in it.


Join us in unlocking this cute character, The Battle Cats Moneko! Download the game now on PC/Mac and collect all the cats!