The Battle Cats Knowledge Base

Who is The Battle Cats Ninja Cat?

The Battle Cats is an amazing free-to-play strategy tower defense game that is loved by players of all ages. Players are required to unlock various cats and assemble them into a team to fight against the other enemies. Amongst which is The Battle Cats Ninja Cat.


About Battle Cats Ninja Cat

This cat is especially interesting since the cat is useful during the early game. Players often compare the Ninja Cat with Axe Cat but we will recommend the Ninja Cat as the preferred option. To obtain the Ninja cat, you will have to buy him using 50 cat food. In addition, you can only purchase him after completing the Philippines which is only in Chapter 1. Check Ninja Cat out! Download and play the game today!


If you’re still not convinced, and maybe you’re not sure how good he is. Well, Ninja cat can indeed finish Chapter 1 and 2 without any additional help. Although Ninja suffers from low stamina and attack damage, Ninja Cat has a relatively fast rate of attack. While Axe Cat can act as a tank in absorbing hits, Ninja Cat can be a meatshield as well especially against Red enemies. The cost of Ninja Cat is truly appealing and even more affordable in True Form.


Combos with the Ninja Cat

Another reason you might be interested in Ninja Cat is the Combo everyone is after. That combo is called Cool Japan! Cool Japan consists of Ninja Cat, Sumo Cat, Samurai Cat, and Sushi Cat. It is one of the most useful cat combos and is a four-slot combo as well. A comparable combo is the Sister Act combo which gives you a ten percent boost to attack. The Cool Japan combo gives you a cool fifteen percent! Although Sister Act only requires two cats to unleash, the Cool Japan combo gives a better attack boost than the Sister Act combo.


You can also evolve your Ninja Cat into Ninja Frog Cat and Flying Ninja Cat as you proceed in the game! Remember be sure to check Ninja Cat out! Play The Battle Cats here!