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Who is The Battle Cats Thundia?

About Battle Cats Thundia

The Battle Cats Thundia is a rare cat which can be unlocked by players. Thundia is an Uber Rare Cat and players will need to use a Rare Cat Capsule to unlock it.


There are different levels in The Battle Cats that you can play to make your way to the top. You also have an opportunity to increase damage and stats like attack and health. The appearance of Thundia changes as you increase its level. Thundia starts out with hardly have any color but once you advance and evolve it, Thundia will be in full color when evolved to its True Form. It evolves into its True Form upon reaching level 30. But players will need to use Catfruit in order to trigger that evolution.



There are 3 different tiers of Catfruits which players can collect. It allows you to evolve some of the cats to their True Forms with a different number of Catfruit. Catfruits are only available after completing the 3rd chapter of the first story mode. Start collecting those Catfruits once they are available!


Try out The Battle Cats today! Download the game on PC or Mac. Have fun in collecting all the various cats in the game! We’re sure that you will fall in love with these weirdly cute cats.