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Who is The Battle Cats Titan Cat?

Titan Cat

As the final cat to be unlocked, the Battle Cats Titan Cat is a great addition to your team. While being a bit slow, it has the much-needed ability to knock back enemies when in True Form (Jamiera) mode. It has a good attack rate combined with loads of stamina, strength and a damage and health status that last a long time!


The only enemies that can’t be knocked back are the Metal enemies. Keep in mind that while Titan Cat is brilliant in short-range fights where it easily clears the field, it lacks that speed and range for fights with enemies that have long-range. He is especially useful in the final stages of the game. You can use his extreme strength and overall power to pass and beat large enemy groups. Utilize his True Form (Jamiera) knockback ability to defeat Flappy Cat and bosses including Master A and Sunfish Jones. You can work up your level to even gain the ability to tank Assassin Bears!


Titan Cat comes in three different forms:

Titan Cat: Has a tall muscular human-like body with the face of a cat. Requires 8000 XP and can be obtained by completing the Italy level.


Mythical Titan Cat: The evolved form of Titan Cat, it has the same body form (with added sixpack) but instead of the face of a cat its face is big, dark and scary-looking and the hands are bigger. Mythical Titan Cat is available from level 10.


True Form (Jamiera) Cat: He’s the ultimate warrior! The True Form has the exact same body and looks of the original Battle Cats Titan Cat, just a tad taller. He has Mythical Titan Cat’s bigger hands and wears a T-shirt with the Japanese phrase for “I love mackerel”. You can obtain True Form (Jamiera) Cat at level 20+10 with Cat Tickets. True Form (Jamiera) Cat is brilliant at playing defense due to its crazy amount of stamina, the ability to knockback its enemies and not getting knocked back itself until it actually dies. Team up with Dragon Cat, Paris Cat or Drama Cat for the best defense & attack strategy.


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