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Who is The Battle Cats Ninja Cat?

The Battle Cats is an amazing free-to-play strategy tower defense game that is loved by players of all ages. Players are required to unlock various cats and assemble them into…

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What are some of the Games like The Battle Cats?

Variations in themes and strategy are part of development and adaptation. People sometimes want a quick game while others have time. Hence the proliferation of the popular game The Battle…

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Who is The Battle Cats Delinquent Cat?

The Battle Cats Delinquent Cat is a Super Rare Cat, which can be unlocked via a Super Rare Cat Capsule. Delinquent Cat has several pros and cons.   Pros and…

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What is The Battle Cats Gamatoto Expedition?

The Gamatoto Expedition is an expansion to the game “The Battle Cats”. The Gamatoto Expedition allows players to obtain valuable in-game rewards such as experience points, cat food, and cats’…

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Who is The Battle Cats Flower Cat?

The Battle Cats Flower Cat is an unlockable cat in a game, The Battle Cats. This Special Cat can be obtained using the following trick. Simply slide a doorknob over…

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Who is The Battle Cats Titan Cat?

Titan Cat As the final cat to be unlocked, the Battle Cats Titan Cat is a great addition to your team. While being a bit slow, it has the much-needed ability to…

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Who is The Battle Cats Moneko?

About Battle Cats Moneko The Battle Cats Moneko is a Special cat that can be unlocked using 2 different methods. The first is by completing the first chapter of the…

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What is the Battle Cats Heavenly Tower?

The Heavenly Tower is an event included in Update 6.2 from July 2017. It is also called Cat Cloud Tower. Players are able to repeatedly play The Heavenly Tower. Let…

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Who is The Battle Cats Bahamut?

About Battle Cats Bahamut The Battle Cats Bahamut is a cat under the Special category. It can only be unlocked after the completion of the 3rd chapter of the first…

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Who is The Battle Cats Thundia?

About Battle Cats Thundia The Battle Cats Thundia is a rare cat which can be unlocked by players. Thundia is an Uber Rare Cat and players will need to use…

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